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Support files for Minion® Math

Minion Math can be used with a variety of typesetting systems. Here you can find support files and usage instructions.

We supply these support files free of charge.

LaTeX support

Here you will find support files for traditional LaTeX, with installation instructions and some documentation.

LuaLaTeX and XeLaTeX support

With LuaLaTeX and XeLaTeX, Minion Math can be used simply by loading the “unicode-math” package.
We will provide detailed instructions here soon.

ConTeXt support

To use Minion Math with ConTeXt Mk IV, one needs a ConTeXt typescript file for Minion Math (and for Adobe Minion Pro as text font). These typescript files for ConTeXt are available upon request.
The files will be released here at a later stage.

Support for Microsoft Office

Minion Math can be used with Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010. The fonts contain the necessary OpenType MATH table.

In Office, one can change the default font for formulas in the menu by setting
“Preferences”>> “Formulas” >> “Standard font for formulas”.

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